The Spoken Word Workshop

The Spoken Word Workshop is catered to students ages 14 and above, (yes, even older adults can benefit greatly from this experience), and is currently being held virtually on an on-line platform.

Incorporating aspects of creative writing, public speaking and authentic performance, the students are mentored to invoke their courage and passion, are taught to communicate effectively, and are given a safe and supportive platform for their true voices to be heard.

Jeff guides the students through the entire experience, challenging them with stimulating themes aimed to focus their attention on their own identity and their unique place in the world around them.

This workshop is open-ended and offered as either an individual or group-based experience (3-5 students per group).  Groups can be created by the students themselves, or by Jeff when appropriate.

This is an organic experience tailored to each individual's strengths and needs.

Within a group setting, each individual is supported at their own level while gaining the benefit of learning from a variety of styles and perspectives.

Session Fees:

Jeff is currently offering one free introductory 30-minute virtual session for all potential students. This assures that every individual fully understands the expectations of the workshop and gets to experience a session first-hand.

 The fee per session will then be $40 per student:

  • Individual based on-line sessions - 30 minute session

  • Group based on-line sessions (3-5 students) - 60-90 minute session 


As each student is on their own individual journey, the workshop is open-ended and the student is under no commitment to attend a set amount of sessions.


About Jeff Winston

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As an English teacher at a therapeutic boarding school in Western Massachusetts, Jeff honed his skills as an educator, creating interactive curriculum centered on empowering his high school students with the tools to utilize within and beyond the school's program.

In 2008, Jeff created The Spoken Word Workshop as an extra-curricular program. By the end of 2009, 80% of the school's students had completed the 8-week workshop, with many students opting to continue on in advanced levels of the workshop throughout the length of their therapeutic program.

After the school closed its doors in 2011, Jeff created Tap Your Truth - bringing the Spoken Word Workshop and other tutoring services to the Northampton, MA community.

Jeff and his wife have recently moved to Asheville, NC. where he hopes to inspire others to tap their truth as well.

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“I am an inherently introverted and secretive person, but I accredit Jeff’s workshop with assisting me in figuring myself out, developing confidence, and coming to terms with the darker pieces of my past.”

– Jessie M. (16 yr. old student)

“The outlet and courage my daughter has found through her writing and sharing her work has been incredible.  This experience was so far out of her comfort zone when she started with Jeff, and I am still continually amazed at her growth and the way she has found her voice.  Thank you so much for caring about my daughter and the other kids you have been mentoring, thank you for being the bright spot in her week, and thank you for believing in her.”

– Mark M. (father)

“The Spoken Word Workshop changed my life. Over the course of two months, I built upon pure strength within my words, myself and my truth. My writing skills have improved and my mind is much more open to the world and life around me. I don’t know where I would be today without the Workshop, or from all the help Jeff has given me.”

– Grace B. (17 yr. old student)

"As an academic advisor for my clinical caseload, Jeff played an integral role in assessing and managing any academic concerns regarding the students. Jeff cares deeply about his students and his students know this. He is beloved in our community, and his dedication to his work and his commitment to the well being of his students have made him a stand out in his position here. Personally, Jeff has helped me on our team by acting as a primary support and by working with the students in a way that supports my therapeutic work."

- Jordana Amato (Clinical Counselor)