The Spoken Word Workshop is catered to students ages 14 and above, (yes, even older adults can benefit greatly from this experience), and will be held virtually on an on-line platform.

Incorporating aspects of creative writing, public speaking and authentic performance, the students are mentored to invoke their courage and passion, are taught to communicate effectively, and are given a safe and supportive platform for their true voices to be heard.

Jeff guides the students through the entire experience, challenging them with stimulating themes aimed to focus their attention on their own identity and their unique place in the world around them.

This workshop is open-ended and offered as either an individual or group-based experience (3-5 students per group).  Groups can be created by the students themselves, or by Jeff when appropriate.

This is an organic experience tailored to each individual's strengths and needs.

Within a group setting, each individual is supported at their own level while gaining the benefit of learning from a variety of styles and perspectives.

Session Fees:

Jeff is currently offering one free introductory 30-minute virtual session for all potential students. This assures that every individual fully understands the expectations of the workshop and gets to experience a session first-hand.

 The fee per session will then be as follows:

  • Individual based on-line sessions - 1/2 hour session - $30 per student

  • Group based on-line sessions (3-5 students) - 1 hour session - $45 per student

Although Jeff will empower each student during each session, the length of the journey is up to each individual. As such, the workshop is open-ended and the student is under no commitment to attend a set amount of sessions.