Tap Your Truth

Jeff Winston



The Spoken Word Workshop is catered to students ages thirteen to eighteen, and meets once a week for 60-90 minutes. Each student has ample time to write on a given theme, perform their words to their peers, and to receive positive and constructive feedback on their presentation.

Incorporating aspects of creative writing, public speaking and authentic performance, the students are mentored to invoke their courage and passion, are taught to communicate effectively, and are given a safe and supportive platform for their true voices to be heard.


The group often represents a cross-section of the school community, allowing many teens to socialize and be vulnerable with others who they might not have associated with otherwise. This inevitably creates an atmosphere of acceptance both within and outside of the workshop walls.

Jeff guides the students through the entire experience, challenging them with stimulating themes aimed to focus their attention on their own identity and their unique place in the world around them.

This is a very organic experience with feedback directly relating to the issues that the students illustrate in each weekly session. Although the focus is on the individual and their performance, relevant feedback enhances the entire group. This eliminates the air of competition while enhancing each student’s identity as a member of a supportive community.